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L’infime intimité / Infinitesimal Intimacy

Cornelia Parker

Contemporary art is increasingly turning to the new technologies, becoming computerised to the point of dematerialisation, English artist Cornelia Parker appropriates objects, inverts stereotypes, and gives new life to the materials she encounters: domestic objects, fragments of forgotten lives, elements associated with a particular fate or owned by historical figures, all charged with personal and collective memory, the Artist is intrigued with their emblematic power.


Exhibiting for the second time at Galerie Guy Bärtschi, Cornelia Parker presents different series of works which reflect her commitment to coincidence and happenstance and she introduces this notion, cultivated by the surrealists, into her work. Parker’s work, beyond the hazardous encounters of various elements and materials, often fluctuates between the notion of catastrophe and meditative calm. An example of this is the series realized with her daughter inspired by a surrealistic game recomposing phrases with words cut out from newspapers. In the Brontëan Abstracts, Parker draws our attention to what escapes to the human eye, the infinitely little, or even the invisible.


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Author : Klara Tuszynski
Publisher : Galerie Guy Bärtschi
ISBN : 978-2-940287-29-1



21.2 x 28 cm

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