Yann Gross

Yann Gross was born in 1981 in Vevey, Switzerland. He holds a Bachelor in Visual Communication (2005) and a Master in Photography (2007) from École Cantonale d’Art de Lausanne (ECAL).

Through photography, installation and video, Yann Gross explores, often in offbeat ways, how humanity shapes its environment and develops a sense of identity. His images regularly deal with the construction of the imaginary and a certain desire for escapism.

Whether crossing the Rhone Valley on a moped in search of the American dream in Switzerland (Horizonville), revealing the abstract beauty of avalanches in the Alps (Lavina), participating in the emergence of skateboard culture in Uganda (Kitintale), or immersing himself in the Amazon forest (The Jungle Book and Aya), he collaborates with diverse local communities around the globe and explores the complexities of our relationship with the natural world.

His work has been published in magazines like Aperture, Colors, Frieze, National Geographic, New York Times Magazine, Sunday Times Magazine, Die Zeit Magazine & Das Magazin among many others.


Gross’s work has received several accolades, including the Luma Rencontres Dummy Awards and the Foreign Fulbright Grant in 2015, the First Prize at the Swiss Photo Awards, category Fashion in 2014, the winning award at Festival International de Mode et de Photographie in 2010, the Documentary Award at Grand Prix International de Photographie de Vevey in 2006 and the First Prize at the Swiss Press Photo Awards, category Daily Life in 2006.


His works have been featured in exhibitions internationally, including venues such as Kunstmuseum Thun (Switzerland), Museo FOLA (Buenos Aires, Argentina), Les Rencontres d’Arles (France), Festival Images (Vevey, Switzerland), Musée d’art du Valais (Sion, Switzerland), Centre Culturel Suisse (Paris, France), Festival International de Mode et de Photographie (Hyères, France) and Breda Photofestival (Netherlands), Musées cantonaux du Valais (Sion, Switzerland), Musée de l’Élysée (Lausanne, Switzerland), and FOMU (Antwerp, Belgium).

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