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Dorian Sari

This volume brings together stories and diary entries by Dorian Sari. On over 150 pages, the artist reports on the contradictions and problems of our time. Sari writes about the reception of contemporary art and the conditions of its production as well as LGBTQ+ discourse. Sari also comments on the numerous contradictions which the Western world accepts. The texts bear witness to Sari’s experience, exposure to and reflection on the tensions between their identity and political and societal norms. They speak poignantly to their own experience of hardship and contextualize it within a societal discourse. Sari identifies post-truth as a political method and examines how it affects the individual, describing anger and violence as politicizing experiences, not personal ones. Sari’s call for “truth-telling,” the speaking out and “putting-things-into-words” of subjective truths and experiences, is the artist’ central approach to strengthening mutual perception as individuals and the dialogue beyond hierarchical structures of society.


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Author : Dorian Sari, Alice Wilke, Sarah Wiesendanger, Philipp Selzer, Michael Ray-Von
Publisher : Kunstmuseum Basel
ISBN : 978-978-3-7204-0249-4



20 x 11.5 cm

212 pages

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