Dorian Sari

Dorian Sari was born in 1989 in Izmir, Turkey. He graduated from the Institut Kunst in Basel, Switzerland in 2018 and has studied in Geneva, Naples, Italy and Paris, France. He lives and works in Basel.


A keen observer of politics, emotions and social movements, the study of human nature and cultures is at the center of Sari’s work. In his installations, he transforms personal and collective mythology into completely fictional, theatrical and cinematographic scenes based on the psychoanalytic interpretation of man and his symbols. He creates a universe with a multitude of narratives, usually in the form of sculpture, but sometimes also as video projections. By means of materials found on the street, he undertakes a sublimation of reality. The transfer of his observations into materials includes certain ceremonial rituals in the production process. Sometimes, these consist of a silent act of putting together, other times they take on the form of a silent confession. With the language of poetic symbols, the sculptures tell a story and draw parallels of communication between the conscious and the collective subconscious. Sari combines rational scientific research with metaphysical methods. His work focuses on current events and action based on his multidisciplinary background and artistic vision.


In 2019, Sari won the Swiss Art Awards and in 2018, he received the Kiefer Hablitzel Art Prize of the Swiss Art Awards. His recent exhibitions include his first solo show at Wilde in Basel, A Permanent Fugue in 2019; Swiss Art Awards 2018, Basel; Atlas of Heavens, Kunsthaus Baselland; Orizzonti Creativi, San Michele degli Scalzi Exhibition Center, Pisa; Alpine Dream, Art Geneva, Geneva; Aqua, SESC Belenzinho, Sao Paulo; The X Project, Atelier Mondial, Basel; It is a lover who speaks and says, BAR project + Homesession, Barcelona; In My Garden, FABRIKculture, Hegenheim; Fermez Les Portes En Sortant, Live In Your Head, Geneva; Photo, Foundation Act On Your Future, Geneva; Malakoff Mon Amour, Maison des Arts de Malakoff, Paris; Nouvelles Vagues, Villa Bernasconi, Geneva; International Red Cross Museum, Geneva.

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